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In Memory: A Tribute to Sir Terry Pratchett contains seventeen unique takes on the theme of Memory that will move you from giggles to tears and back again.  Brought to you by authors spanning nine countries and four continents, the book is in dear memory of Sir Terry Pratchett.  All proceeds go to Alzheimer’s Research UK.  The book was released on 31 October 2015.

The anthology consists of short stories, all in the sci-fi or fantasy genre.  And oh, did we mention?  They're hilarious.  We hand-picked authors from all over the world (luckily not literally, or there might have been all kinds of awkward complaints), who are going to make you laugh and cry.  Sometimes at the same time.  In fact, we're pretty much guaranteeing it.  Thank you for supporting such a worthwhile charity with your purchase.  We hope know you'll enjoy it!

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Table of Contents

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  • Thanks for the Memory Cards - Luke Kemp
  • The Heart of the Labyrinth - DK Mok
  • How Fell the Towers Three - Peter Knighton
  • Memoryarian - Scott A. Butler
  • There's a Tattoo, But the Robes Hide It - Mike Reeves-McMillan
  • The Shells of Lethe - Laura May
  • Ackerley's Genuine Earth Antiques - Michael K. Schaefer
  • The Chicken Gospel - Phil Elstob
  • Doris - Sorin Suciu
  • The Wondrous Land of Nib - Lyn Godfrey
  • Strangers - Robert McKelvey
  • The Tale of the Storyteller - Caroline Friedel
  • Bubble Trouble - Charlotte Slocombe
  • The Vividarium - Steven McKinnon
  • The Archive of Lost Memories - Anna Mattaar
  • If Only I'd Known - Simon Evans
  • The Olivie Crowne Affair - Choong Jay Vee
If you had the technology to record and re-watch memories, what would you use it for?  Probably not buying garden furniture and building ponds—then again, you're not Johnny.  Johnny is very proud of his pond, and his koi carp, and his carefully organised box of memories.  But what will happen when Johnny discovers that his garden is the site of a crime most foul?  Will he be able to solve it?  And who would do such a thing in the first place?
In the heart of the Labyrinth of Varissen, there dwells a beast known only as the Devourer.  However, the Devourer is sick of eating adventurers, and he suspects that once, long ago, he bore another name.  So when a young woman arrives, declaring that she’s here to rescue him, the Devourer persuades her to join him on a search for his forgotten past.
Lawrence is a bard.  His skill and melodies are unquestionably brilliant—but the same doesn't necessarily go for the accuracy of his verses.  What happened to the fourth tower?  Will Crayley get his way?  And why is the number 'three' so special, anyway?
A shortlander accidentally finds himself in the company of the Memoryarian, an immortal, magical, and bafflingly tall being with a penchant for ducks.  Will the shortlander—who is by no coincidence rather short—earn the trust of the Memoryarian?  Will he avoid being vaporised?  Will he accomplish his quest to change fate? And why is his hair so shiny?
The Dread Lord's consort is desperate to leave him.  But is she desperate enough to make a deal with Enkeli the trickster god?  And what fishhooks are hidden within the contract he offers her?
A little boy finds a seashell.  He raises it to his ear to listen the sea, and loses all of his memories.  What magic is this?  How does it work?  And what will the townsfolk of Taomina do with it?  Either way, they probably weren't expecting this to happen...
If you think that your toaster, toothbrush, and umbrella are nothing special—think again.  In a distant future, artefacts from ‘Old Earth’ are popular—if not always entirely understood—collectibles.  But when antiques dealer Rupert acquires a Memory Reader, a machine that allows you to read stored memories from the last people having actually lived on Earth, he gets more than he bargained for…
The donkeys of the Used Mule Emporium wake one morning to find that their lord and master, Old Cuthbert, is MIA.  Luckily, a helpful chicken is on-hand to assist—well, if they can ever stop arguing over how Cuthbert got his scar.  Whose memory is correct?  One thing's for sure, at least: Old Cuth is the hero of the land.  Wherever he is.
An IT guy walks into a bar and... well, that's where things get complicated.  He certainly isn't expecting to lead a quest through ancestral memories and peanut fights.  Who is his mysterious companion?  What are they looking for?  And most importantly, how did they make this beer so hoppy?!
Our hero comes to at the top of a towering pile of junk, with no memory of who he is, where he is, or how he got there.  Luckily, he he has a host of friends to try and help him remember, from a small doll-like girl to a farmer with memory problems all his own.  But time is running out...
When Charles Alexander Rigby awakens to find himself lying in a filthy Low London alleyway with a splitting headache, no shoes and no recollection of the previous evening, he wants nothing more than to go home and put whatever happened the night before behind him.  Unfortunately, things are rarely so simple.
In a world of magic, the magic is becoming erratic, leaving and returning at random.  Drawn by the pull of the leaving magic, which only he can feel, a young boy begins to search for the source of magic: the legendary storyteller, who brought the magic into the world with his tales.  But is the boy prepared for what he will find?
Everyday is the same for our heroine in her job as an IT consultant, until Zach, the gorgeous God of Memory, arrives at her door requesting her help.  Emma is thrown into a world of bubbles, unhelpful helpers, and the feeling that it is all somehow too familiar...
Somewhere in the infinite expanse of time and space, a cosmic device that allows users to glean data from people’s memories causes a game of one-upmanship between two gods.  Being omnipotent isn’t all it’s cracked up to be.
When you forget something, where does it go?  One moment Robert is minding his psychology exam; the next, the answer is all around him—literally.  Now he just has to find the answer to question 12B.  On his search, he not only discovers many a lost memory, but also that helping old ladies is not always the wisest thing to do.
What happens if you travel to the future and can’t remember what happened?  JoBeth, Margaret and Prue built a time machine that didn’t work. Or did it?
Olivie Crowne wanted to upgrade her computer memory and gave it murderous bloodlust instead.  Now the Found Memories Bureau has to correct their mistake and save the day.  How embarrassing.

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